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Vulcan Medicine Balls - All Weights


  • 10999


Vulcan medicine balls are soft enough for athletes to safely use at high speeds and firm enough to hold their shape after extended use. Designed for high intensity training, Vulcan medicine balls are made with the same quality materials and craftsmanship that goes into manufacturing high quality boxing gloves and punching bags. Medicine ball training is proven to improve core strength, endurance, and explosiveness. 



  • Wall ball throws
  • Acceleration drills
  • Deceleration partner drills
  • Explosive overhead and rotational throws
  • CrossFit, personal training, or athletic training 
  • These balls are not designed for vertical slamming (Slam Ball) and not warrantied for use as such.



      • All Medicine balls are 14" in diameter, 45" circumference
      • 2 year Warranty 

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