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Vulcan Elite Wood Gymnastics Rings


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Wood gymnastics rings are normally manufactured by cutting a ring out of a sheet of plywood, then sanding the ring for smoothness. Although Plywood is fairly cheap, easily available, and easy to work with, it is not an optimal choice for gymnastics rings. Vulcan Elite gymnastics rings are manufactured utilizing a unique process that involves wrapping long thin strips of wood veneer into a ring. An added benefit of this process is a stronger gym ring. The wrapping process aligns the grain of the wood for optimal strength along the entire ring. Every strand of veneer has the exact amount of strength, whereas plywood has strong and weak spot, knot holes and other inconsistencies that compromise its overall strength and durability.
  • 1.5" Diameter Wood Ring
  • Smooth but tactile surface that holds chalk well or works well without chalk
  • 19 feet of strap each ring
  • 1.5" super wide straps for more comfort and durability
  • Straps have numbers and graduated marks for easy and accurate height adjustment
  • 2" super wide heavy duty cam buckles

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