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Vulcan Powerlifting Barbell


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The Vulcan Powerlifting Barbell is a made in USA beast! This bar is precision manufactured with very tight tolerances. Dual self lubricating bronze bushings provide very smooth rotation. This true 29mm bar is finished with Bright Zinc and has an aggressive knurling. Don't be afraid to load as much weight as you can handle, this bar will take anything you throw at it.


  • Made in USA
  • 196k psi Steel
  • No Whip
  • 29 mm diameter
  • 4" center knurl
  • Dual marks
  • Aggressive Knurling
  • Bright Zinc shaft and sleeves
    • Bright Zinc is more corrosive resistant than black zinc or black oxide
  • Oilite® oil impregnated bushings, made in USA only
    • The Oilite® bushing holds 17% oil by volume. It is a porous bronze that self lubricates as it is used. 
    • Dramatically improves bushing life over time
    • Lessens need of maintenance
    • Decreases mechanical malfunction (stuck bushings)
  • Dual snap ring construction


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