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Vulcan Dumbbell Set: 55 - 100LBS


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Vulcan Rubber Hex Dumbbells are economical yet extremely functional and durable for any application. All DBs have knurled chrome plated handles which are contoured for a comfortable and stable grip. 

  • 55 - 100lbs set in 5lb increments
  • 25 lb - 100 lb dumbbells have 33.5 mm handles
  • Heavy duty rubber hex head
  • Chrome plated steel handles
  • Propriety handle process eliminates worries of heads departing from dumbbells

Dumbbell training is a staple in weightlifting. From traditional bodybuilding to CrossFit, the Vulcan Hex DBs have a place in every gym. Dumbbell exercises activate stabilizing muscle groups, training the body unilaterally and bi-laterally to stimulate muscle growth. Dumbbells are effective for rehab work, conditioning, single arm Olympic lifts, and explosive training. 

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