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Product Reviews

Vulcan Standard 28mm Bearing Bar:

"It exceeded all expectations I had of it. This spin on it is absolutely incredible, and the knurling is perfect."


Vulcan Pro Bearing Bar:

"This bar is in the top tier for smoothness... the spin on this bar is amazingly crisp and smooth."


V3 Elite Training Barbell:

"Not the cheapest bar in its class, and not the most expensive; arguably the best though, and certainly the most unique."


Vulcan Standard 28.5mm Bushing Barbell:

"This bar is a piece of art.  From the bronze bushings to the perfectly shaped diamond pattern of the knurl, everything oozes good ol’ American made quality"


Vulcan One Basic:

"The Vulcan One is a high-quality, low-cost bar that is constructed well and offers a number of features that you’d generally have to pay more for"


Vulcan Training Bearing Bar:

"As always, the fit and finish on Vulcan products is always on point.  Virtually no play in the sleeves side to side and top to bottom leads to a very clean sound when the barbell is dropped with any high quality bumper."


Vulcan Barbell Guide:


Competition Bumpers:

"The metal discs look and feel absolutely solid. Just a whole bunch of awesome..."


Black Bumpers:

"Of all the bumper brands out there, I most commonly recommend Vulcan because they really do offer a superior bumper at costs that are lower than most inferior bumpers"


"The Vulcan Bumpers offer one of the most durable designs from their rubber to their inserts... It’s just the minor details that have made the Vulcan Bumpers stand out."


Alpha Bumpers:

"the most unique, versatile, and reasonably priced bumper plates currently on the market"


Change Plates:

"Why are these my favorite? Well, there are a few things that I expect from my change plates: accuracy in claimed weight, durability, and affordability"



"The Vulcan Absolute Kettlebells are probably about as good as you’ll get for the money... Rather than pumping out just another basic kettlebell and then having a price war with everyone else, Vulcan puts some serious time and effort into the R&D of their kettles"


"Based on the construction alone, this is truly the best kettlebell available"

"...The Vulcan Absolute Kettlebells are absolutely superior" Customer Reviews: