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Vulcan Sand Bag


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New and Improved Construction: 1050 Denier Ballistic Nylon, heavy duty parachute grade stitching, heavy duty button enclosures and heavy duty zipper, DWR treated waterproof interiors in main bag and filler bags.

Vulcan Sandbag dimensions:

Sandbag Outer Shell: 30 in length x 10 in diameter

The Vulcan Sand Bag comes Standard with:
  • Two Large Filler Bags: 30in length x 9in width, capacity: approximately 40lbs each
  • One Medium Filler Bag: 22in length x 8in width, capacity: approximately 20lbs
  • Used extensively in CrossFit® workouts for variety in training
  • 5 Handle positions


Max Tested Load: 80kilograms Iron shot. We have found that peat gravel is an excellent choice of filler material leaving the bag more pliable than traditional sand.

The Vulcan Sandbag System can be filled with combinations of sand "Filler" bags or slammer balls. Due to their versatility, simplicity, and proven results Sandbags are fast becoming one of the most popular functional fitness tools out there. Sandbag training helps develop explosive power and strength in the lower, core, and upper body efficiently due to the instability of the load. The Vulcan Sandbag systems can be used to create a multitude of functional workouts that includes movements such as cleans, overhead presses, weighted lunges or squats, and rotational pulls. 

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